What is a Healing Den?

A den is a safe space from which many animals develop, grow into adults, raise their children, and seek protection from the outside world. The healing den is a sacred space of learning where spiritual practitioners will be supported to develop and mature the understanding of how to bring forth their healing presence.

Sacred Space

The Healing Den explores many ways to create sacred space, for example, gridding an area with stones, building an altar from stones, a medicine wheel, or Celtic cross. In addition, we explore the energetic fields that can impact health and wellbeing. In one portion of the program, we will dissolve time crystals that are frozen in our energetic fields. As part of our energetic lineage, we examine time crystals in our present life, as well as those originated in the prior seven generations that impact us in this life.


Sacred Tools

In the Healing Den we explore making sacred tools. These are in the form of energetic, stone/crystal and shamanic tools that come from the depth of oneself to be created in this life. Examples are various forms of talking sticks from wood or selenite, selenite clearing tools that combine jet and/or shungite to create an energetic field. This field loosens cellular memory, often in the form of a fear or pain body, and dissolves the frozen energy of piercing moments that shifted one’s direction and limited the possibilities of one’s life—the defining moments that no longer serve the person. The goal is to create a relationship and deep understanding of the tools, how to use them, and how to maintain their sacredness.


Sacred Hands

We explore the use of healing hands. Many shamanic practitioners are well trained in a multitude of hands-on healing practices. We will explore integrating these practices into shamanic healing which partners with the client in order to dissolve the frozen energy of cellular memories and release the tissues for full body integration. In addition, we will integrate how the healing presence of the person is critical to successful release of blockages and the return of life force.

This is applied to actual hands-on practices, and how the energetic connection of the person as a healing presence invokes the healing power of sacred tools.

Who Can Participate

This program is designed for people from all walks of life that are at a crossroad of deciding whether to become a healing presence, not only in their healing practices, but in their way of life. It is focused towards expanding the awareness of spiritual explorers, energy healing and shamanic practitioners, and the delightfully inquisitive healers.

Sacred Prayer

I ask for a strong heart, one where I have the courage, commitment and discipline to Show up and be present without preconceived notions, while having the Ability to Take Action and Enforce Boundaries

I ask for a clear heart where I have the inner self-respect and the sense of responsibility to Assess, Analyze and Consciously make meaning consistent with my true integrity, while saying what is so when it is so, without blame or judgment.

I ask for an open heart where I have the compassion and openness to be able to Connect and Feel with myself, those around me, and the environment, while surrendering to what has heart and meaning to my deepest soul. 

I ask for a full heart where I have the generosity, patience, wisdom, conscious awareness, and maturity to be able to Initiate, Support and Create Order while being open to outcome wherever I walk in this world.


Fate is not what happens to us; rather, it is who we are if we have been true to ourselves.