Certification requires proficiency in three areas: Self-awareness, theory, and application. 


A critical aspect of presence is self-awareness.  In many modalities, being present is not a core aspect of teaching the practice or for that matter for performing the healing techniques. The healing work and/or container is created through the techniques of the practice without conscious or more importantly self-awareness.  Healing presence requires opening the mind and your self-awareness to itself as an ongoing discovery of universal world of energy.

Much of the self-awareness around energy will come from the intensive workshops, advanced workshops, practice sessions, and your incorporating all the learning into your daily awareness. Its like once the lights are turned on, it becomes difficult to turn off the daily insights and learning through sensing and seeing the reflections you are creating.

As part of your self-awareness development, the Self-Awareness Packet of exercises for certification includes completion of the following written exercises that will be reviewed with Herb and other facilitators. 

Ø  The Four Rascals of Grandfather Fear

Ø  The Impostor Phenomenon test

Ø  Self-Efficacy Assessment 

Ø  Frozen Moments in Time Assessments

Ø  The Essene Seven Mirrors of Perception

Ø  The 4 Stages of Presence

Ø  The Four Questions of Truth from The Work™of Byron Katie

Ø  The Compromise Trap

These exercises open the mind to alternative and expanded aspects of oneself. We begin to see that self-created reality is a series of well-founded beliefs that have served us in our growth to this point, and as we grow we see that many beliefs or perceptions prevent our growth. We begin to deeply understand the famous quote that “we can only see what we believe”. In other words, much of the real world is shaded in our belief system, shared in family, institutional and cultural systems. As our beliefs dissolve, we open to a wider and more indepth understanding that the universe is conscious energy.


The theory of healing presence as taught in the healing den program is being created and captured through the training workshops, video meetings and classes, reflections, a collection of materials placed on the Healing Den website and knowledge data base. It is imperative that all students utilize these resources to their fullest by frequently refreshing oneself. In addition, the reflection papers assist my understanding of how well you understand the theory and methods.


The application of the healing presence is intensively done at the workshops and is supported by scheduling and practicing with others on a frequent basis. The use of the reflection forms supports learning from the practice session by putting into writing, and often creating insights, from remembering the details. 

It is expected that the healing den participants actively meditate at least three times per week. Use of the meditation stones and crystals will enhance your energetic sensitivities including experiencing them during healing sessions as well as meditation. The stones will increase the speed of relaxation as you meditate and will begin to increase your staying awake in higher and lower frequency energies. 


There are two Healing Den Certifications. The first certification involves being certified as a Healing Presence Practitioner. The second certification involves being certified as a Healing Den Facilitator.


Certification as a Healing Presence Practitioner involves completion of basic and advanced classes, assignments and must go through an evaluation.

  • Classes: Attend the Healing Den two-week program introduction. Attend at least two additional advanced workshops.

  • Assignments: Reflection Papers

    • Submit program reflection surveys directly following each class session. 

    • Submit at least three reflections designated forms of practice sessions in the year taking the first Healing Den class.

    • Submit at least four more practice session reflections prior to seeking certification.

  • Evaluation: Herb will evaluate your skills based on your presence, keeping the client present and recognizing when the session is over. This will be done at special workshops with 3-4 students seeking practitioner certification. 

Note: The reflection papers reveal what you learned and can support your professional and personal growth. They are not school assignments for grade though they will be used to support you.


Certification as a Healing Den Facilitator involves completing all of the above plus completing the Intensive two-week program a second time and then attending a third time to overstaff—observe and participate in demos and a fourth time as a support person that will be asked to teach or demonstrate the work with Herb. You will be evaluated on your ability to teach both via demonstration and also didactically. You will be asked to provide your Healing Presence Prayer. A description of how the Healing Den has supported your development. A description of the areas you want to develop in the course of being a facilitator. 

Herb will evaluate your facilitation skills based on your presence, keeping the client present and recognizing when the session is over during demos, and clarity of teaching. This will be done at special workshops with 3-4 students seeking facilitator certification.


If there is interest in either certification, please contact Herb.